The Price Of Beauty – Counterfeit Makeup Scare

Many of us buy counterfeit products especially in the run up to Christmas. If you feel like a product has been replicated to a high enough standard that is your own decision, but recent reports have been ringing out across social media and news websites about counterfit make up.

Make up 4

Too many people are buying cosmetic products just to have the logo in their make up bag, unfortunatley a logo is only worth it if it is attached to the real product. Money handed over for counterfeit makeup has been known to go towards funding terrorism, crime and the black market. These products are illegally made so they do not undergo any safety checks or quality control.

People who are new to makeup or boyfriends buying gifts need to be aware of the consequences of buying cheap makeup.

make up 5

I will get straight to the point here; we are mostly talking fake Urban Decay Naked Palettes and all makeup brushes. While makeup can be hard on your pocket and you may feel like a fake brand does the same job, think again.

This post on Facebook from a page called ‘Kissmass Sales’:

This stuff is made up of utter CRAP. When you buy a counterfeit makeup online, the people who’ve created it (usually China) are using any ingredients they like, cue allergic reactions, break-outs, rashes and itchy irritation. Gross! These ingredients include aluminium and toxins and the amount of bacteria you find in this counterfeit makeup is disgusting. Fake perfumes which people also sell have been found to have URINE in them. People who are selling these claim they are real but they AREN’T. Don’t buy a palette for 25 trying to save a bit of dosh. The only place you can buy a REAL palette is in reputable retail stores in town. Don’t buy into peoples lies. Here’s some of the effects this fake makeup has had on peoples skin. You can be scarred for life if you have a reaction. Buy at your own risk.

Make up

make up 1

make up 2

How do you tell that something is counterfeit? Makeup brands like Urban Decay, Mac, Benefit, Real Techniques do not sell to individuals/hairdressers/beautiticans or market stalls.

It has been reported that fake makeup brushes are made from animal fur from cats and dogs which are usually skinned ALIVE and left to die a horrible death.

Fake makeup has been found to have traces of lead, copper and mercury, arsenic, cadmium a metal which is highly dangerous especially when it comes in direct contact with your skin or the people around you. This can irritate the skin and/or cause permanent damage to the skin and eyes.

Careful shopping!

What The Shell!



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